Nanny and Babysitting Companies in Tokyo for Kids of All Ages

Nanny and Babysitting Companies in Tokyo

for Kids of All Ages

Do you need some time to yourself?

Are you working from home and having a hard time juggling both work and kids?

Or perhaps you want a night out or need some extra help with the kids, while you get some chores done?

Entering a daycare without working full-time is close to none, so parents are left searching for alternatives.  As mentioned in our previous article on Housekeeping services (found HERE), finding help for your home can be hard to acquire.

The idea of finding the high schooler who lives down your block willing to watch your kids every Friday night isn’t ingrained into the culture here. YET, some companies got the memo and realized Nannies and Babysitters are desired, and in high demand. So thankfully, we can help point you in the right direction to find a great caregiver for your family!


The contents of this article:

1) English speaking companies for Younger Aged families

2) Japanese Speaking Nanny Companies

3) Government Support for Smaller aged children

4) After school care for School-Aged Children

5) Bonus: Dog Sitters



English Speaking Nanny and Babysitting Services for Younger Aged Families

It takes a village to raise a family, but with most of us here not having any family close by, we need to find that supporting village through companies who can help us raise and watch our kids, with the same love as a family member!



An online babysitting platform that helps you connect directly to sitters. Easy to use, stress-free, and no middle-man agency fee! You can find sitters for a one-time outing or post a nanny job. Once you find the sitter that you feel would be a good match, you can have a one-to-one interview, and if all goes well, move on forward and get that extra help you desperately deserve!


  • Over 1,000 sitters available

  • Operates in both English and Japanese



A smaller yet very experienced group of sitters, who are ready to watch your child anytime, anywhere. Available 24/7 and even for small getaways, at hotels, and of course, at your home. Price is competitive at ¥2,500/hour with a minimum of 3 hours and no enrollment fee. 


  • Around 30 sitters

  • Operates in both English and Japanese


Little Hug

They are providing English-speaking Nannies 24 hours, 365 days a year. Little Hug screens and trains all of their babysitters to offer you and your little one(s) with the best care. They have service plans, and the more you use them, the cheaper the plan. An enrollment fee and annual fee are required.

  • Operates in both English and Japanese


Chez Vous

Chez Vous does it all, from housekeeping (mentioned in our Housekeeping article) to extensive Nannying packages. From babysitting, domestic helper all-around support, work from home child support, and even prenatal and postnatal support. You can find everything you need here.

  • English and Japanese Available



The high-end of Nannying. Most big named hotels and companies use their services and provide childcare at events and on-site, but Poppins also provides in-home Nannying services for families.

  • English and Japanese Available


Japanese Speaking Nanny Companies

Are you able to communicate in Japanese and would also like your children to pick up Japanese? Getting a Japanese sitter would be a great option to create a bilingual home atmosphere!


Japan Babysitter Service

The first babysitting company in Japan, founded in 1972. JBS helps match families by sending a coordinator first to listen to the needs and desires of the family and then match a sitter who would be best suited for your family’s specific needs. You can add on additional services such as housework or a bath on top of childcare.

  • Japanese


Honey Clover

Offering their services all over Japan. They have two options for finding a sitter– you can request a sitter be sent to your home, or search on their database and directly find the best matched sitter for you.

  • Japanese but Possible to request a foreign language sitter


Alpha Kids Club

Alpha Corporation provides babysitting services alongside its Daycare centers. All nannies are trained and provided with up-to-date CPR and life-saving training. Prices are greatly reduced if you become an Alpha Member and use the service frequently.

  • Japanese


Kids Line

Another online platform company connecting families to nannies and also housekeepers. All nannies are trained and selected through the company before going onto the online database.

  • Japanese


Government Support for Smaller Aged Children

Depending upon where you live, the city offers some child-rearing support. For example, if you live in Minato-ku, they provide helpers or babysitters for young aged children, at an incredible rate.

You will need to go to your local city ward office to see what programs they provide. Some will also provide prenatal and postnatal support, and even housekeeping help. Usually babysitting support is about ¥800/hour.


Information for Minato City:

  • Japanese only



After School Care for School-Aged Children

Gakudo/Jidokans for working parents of students attending Japanese public school

As you might see, students in Japan are pretty independent, walking to and from school alone once they start Elementary school. At this age, most school aged children will need an after school program while their parents are at work. Lots of jidokans (government-owned child centers) provide places for kids after school care for free. Either the local elementary school or a stand alone facility provided by the city where kids go to work on their homework and enjoy sports or activities until it is time to go home. 


Your local city office or Elementary school teacher should be able to direct you to the location of the child care centers.



Bonus: Dog Sitters (since we are on the topic of sitters)


Need some help getting your dog out for a nice walk? Or need someone to come and play with your dog for an hour? Pawsome can do that!


  • English & available in Central Tokyo


As some of us at are also parents, we know how important it is for your kids to be taken care of and in good hands! We hope this extensive list of Nanny and Babysitting services helps you find that sitter quick! We might not be able to be the village that is hands on with your children, but we hope to be that village that makes life run smoother by taking care of the unnecessary stress of trying to research for quality help in a foreign country. So check out our other articles and stay tuned for some more posts!

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