Traveling while working? Japanese hotels offering cheap short-term stays!

Have you been working from home and need a change of scenery?

Are you feeling claustrophobic in your small apartment?

Are your bedroom and living room starting to blur together?

Maybe you need to just get out of the house for even one night?


COVID has brought with it a lot of uneasiness and uncertainty. Some things have been hard getting used to as the new norm; yet with it has come some excellent opportunities you can take advantage of. Yes, you read that right- excellent opportunities!

With Japan not allowing tourists in the country, hotels have been quite vacant and need to be creative in using their empty rooms. Some hotels are renting out rooms for the day as temporary offices, but others have been hosting a new concept.


This innovative concept is so new it is difficult to find information on. Leave it to the team to find you the latest news to get you in the loop, so that you can take advantage of this current deal.  (Article published Sept 2020)


So what’s this big deal?!?!

Several hotels are now offering monthly packages at incredible mouth dropping rates! Your dream of living in a hotel- like the rich and famous- can become a reality. If you are exclusively working from home, then this could be an excellent opportunity for you to break the daily grind. You could even travel to a different city, all while working remotely.

Reasons You Should Take Advantage of This Promotion

  • Hotel packages at unheard of rates, you won’t find these rates once life returns to ‘normal.’
  • Great chance to travel while working (keep those paid leaves for when life gets back to normal)
  • Take your lunch breaks at new restaurants or famous sightseeing spots
  • See more of Japan
  • Experience living in downtown Tokyo
  • Stay at places you wouldn’t usually stay at or visit


How does this newly found system work? And why haven’t many people been talking about it?

GoodRooms, a company that helps people find offices or rooms to rent, has launched a new concept for monthly hotel living. It has a compiled list of hotels or hostels in Tokyo and the surrounding areas, including Kansai, that have partnered up to offer residents monthly accommodations. And why is it that no one has heard of this new phenomenon? Beats us, but we want to get the word out to our clients and loyal followers!


How can I use this system?

Step 1: First, you need to become a member of the GoodRooms company.

A one-time registration fee of ¥7,800 and a membership fee of ¥1,480 is all it takes to book a hotel through their site.

Step 2: Decide on your dates, location, and search for a hotel. Once decided, book it and release that travel bug in you you’ve been putting on hold for way too long.



Here are some hotels through the site that we think make great travel opportunities:

Let’s start with the highest in price and work our way down.


  1. Hotel Edit Yokohama

Monthly cost: ¥138,000

Location: YOKOHAMA, Bashamichi Station (5 min walk)

What We Like About It: Explore Yokohama. Bashamichi is a great area, and this hotel is located right along the river, near Yokohama Bay. The hotel has a lobby space, and restaurant as well as a laundry room. There is so much to explore in Yokohama. Check out our article all on Yokohama here to get ideas on what you can do.



  1. JR Kyushu Hotel Blossom Shinjuku

Monthly Cost: ¥118,000

Location: Shinjuku South Exit (5 min walk)

What We Like About It: Right in the heart of Shinjuku! Shinjuku has so much to explore, and even a 20-minute walk will land you in Harajuku. There is a laundry room, a restaurant, and a desk inside your room.



  1. Hotel Graphy Nezu

Monthly Cost: ¥58,000

Location: Nezu Station (5 min walk)

What We Like About It: Right next to Ueno Park and Zoo. Beautiful park, museums, and shrines in the area. This hotel is at an incredible price because it is a dormitory-style room with a shared shower and toilets. There is a shared kitchen space, lounge, café, and a rooftop.


There are many other dormitory-style hotels or hostels at the same price as ¥58,000. Some in places like Fukuoka! Please check out these hotels on the GoodRooms website.


If you are a resident outside of Tokyo, you can also take advantage of the Go To Campaign!


What is the Go To Travel Campaign, and how can you use it?

With all the things COVID has changed, low amounts of tourism were one of them. To help boost the travel economy, Japan has put together a Go To Travel campaign to give discounts on domestic trips. Unfortunately, this is not available for Tokyo residents (should be starting sometime October 2020). Any residents outside of Tokyo, though, can use this campaign.


Each person can receive a 35 % discount plus 15% in coupons or a maximum of up to ¥20,000 off, whichever comes first. You must book through a travel agency or a direct website to get the benefits of a discounted travel. If one month of stay is too long for you, this is a superb option for a short but still incredibly discounted travel experience.

With cities opening up for travel and Japan pushing to keep our economy flowing, this is an opportunity that might not come again in the future. If you have the means and ability to work from home, why not take advantage of this great deal. Please note: travel still has risks, and you will need to take proper measures to protect yourself and others from COVID-19.  Stay safe and healthy, everyone!

Contact your agent for more information or help with searching for a place!