Top Recruiters for Getting a Job in Japan

So you’re a working professional, and you’ve realized that Japan is a country that you’d like to live and work in. Or maybe you’re just out of college, you love Japan, and you’re wondering how to get a job in Japan.

Whatever your life and career situation might be, there is one smooth way to get a job in Japan, that doesn’t involve having to check job boards or other resources yourself– RECRUITERS.

Top Recruiters in Japan

Recruiters are companies that work as matchmakers; matching employment needs, to client skillsets.

Recruiting companies work on a few business models– Some take a flat rate to hook you up with a job. Others take a cut of your salary. For some recruiters, you will not contract with the company in Japan- instead, you will contract with the recruiting company, and you will become a contract employee at the Japanese company (or Japan branch, of an international company).

As the processes vary from recruiting company to recruiting company- as well as from job to job- recruiter processes do go beyond the scope of this article.

What we’ll cover here, are the top recruiters in Japan to contact, who have the networking power and know-how, to hook you up with a job in Japan– of course, this is all based on your skillsets and Japan-based employer needs.

Check out the recruiter homepages, and contact them– this is the best way to find out what recruiter might be right for you!

★ Find which recruiter below is right for you, and contact them directly.  If you have viable skillsets, they should be able to match you up to a suitable employer! Best of luck!! (and be sure to contact us if you need a new apartment for your new job! 🙂 )

Japan Recruiter List

Executive Recruiters

Here are the top-tier recruiting companies in Japan. These are most suited for mid-career to executive positions.

Robert Walters

(Mostly mid-career)

Japanese branch / Global HQ in London



(Mid-career to executive positions / bilingual branch of Recruit Agent, which is the largest recruiting agency in Japan)

HQ in Japan


Michael Page

(Mid-career to executive positions)

Japanese branch / Global HQ in London



(Mid-career to executive)

Japanese branch / Global HQ in London


Morgan McKinley

(Mid-career to executive positions)

Japanese branch / Global HQ in Ireland


Robert Half

(Finance and Technology jobs, mid-career to executive)

Japanese branch / Global HQ in California




Entry-level to Mid-career Recruiters

Here are recruiters that don’t have a lot of focus on executive-level positions, and they cater mostly to entry-level to mid-career positions.


(IT, Translation, Sales) (Mid-career)

HQ in Japan



(IT, entry to mid-career)

HQ in Japan


en world

(Range from entry level to mid-career positions)

HQ in Japan



(Mostly IT, entry to mid-career / only in Japanese)

HQ in Japan






Whatever your career level is- and whatever your Japan employment aspirations are- we hope the above list helps on your path, to living an awesome Japan life!  And when you move to Tokyo, please contact us after your Tokyo employment is secured! We’d be happy to support your move- from before you even arrive in Tokyo- all the way until the end of your lease. May you get that dream job in Japan!


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