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Whether you are a die-hard gym rat, a health enthusiast, or want to get in shape for an upcoming holiday, everyone’s goal is to find a gym that best suits them for their Tokyo lifestyle. Working out and getting healthy are some of the best things you can do for your body and mind. Exercising can relieve stress and give you the right balance and routine to your day. What does Tokyo have in terms of gyms, and is it anything in Tokyo, similar to back home?

Gyms In Tokyo

From Pilates, to kickboxing, training, and swimming, Tokyo has a lot to offer. Although, you might find that not all gyms have an English website or signup link. Have no fear, that is what we are here for. 🙂 If you ever need assistance with gym signup after move-in, contact your agent- We’ll get you signed up right away!



Which Gym Is Best For You?

Here is a list of some of our favorite gyms. If you aren’t sure which gym best suits you, we recommend checking out each one, since gyms offer different facilities and plans, that are suited to certain lifestyles.  Many offer free trials or tours, as well, so visiting locations is one of the best ways to find out if it’s going to be right for your Tokyo lifestyle.


Gold’s Gym

The gym of all gyms- Gold’s Gym.  Known worldwide- well known even here in Tokyo- has its own fan following, with the Harajuku location being the most popular. It has a great set up of machines and free weights, with protein cafes to get your fix after that intense workout.

Location: All over Tokyo

How to Sign Up: Online or walk-in. Take a tour of the facility, and if you are happy, you can signup and start using the gym on the same day.

Why we love it: Locations all over Tokyo and fully stocked with machines and free weights. When you travel abroad, you can use your Gold’s Gym anywhere internationally!


Anytime Fitness

You guessed it- you can use this 24-hour gym, anytime, seven days of the week. You get your own little ID touch key chain, to get access when other gyms are off-hours. This is great for those early risers, or whose schedule might be different each day. They have a large variety of machines and equipment available for you to use.

Location: All over Tokyo and neighboring prefectures (you can even workout when you are on holiday!!)

How to sign up: Join online, or if you want to check it out first, book a visit (also online)

Why we love it: The convenience and reasonable price– 24 hour freedom is a great benefit, plus you get to workout at any of their locations.


Reebok Crossfit

Are you looking for a Crossfit family to join? Then Reebok’s Crossfit gym is for you! With early morning classes starting at 6:45 AM, you can get your workout done before your day begins. They even allow drop-in lessons, so if you aren’t sure how often you can make it, just sign up whenever best fits your schedule.

Location: Roppongi Midtown

How to Sign Up: Book an appointment online

Why we love it: Drop-ins make it easy to work around a busy schedule. They also have an unlimited pass, twice a week, or a once a week pass.



One place meets all of yours and your family’s needs, type of gym. They have personal training, semi-private training, group lessons, boxing, kickboxing, and even lessons for the kids. Not only that, but they specialize in health services like physiotherapy and more. They have thought of everything and want to provide you with one place to get all of your workouts in.

Location: 2 locations, near Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Tower

How to sign up: Book a consultation online

Why we love it: A large variety of classes to choose from, and there is no membership fee or sign up fee.



Straight from San Diego, this new concept of Pilates is the original in reformer-based Contrology (“complete coordination of the body, mind, and spirit”). Pilates for all ages and stages of life using machines and equipment throughout the workout.

Location: Ebisu

How to sign up: Book online for a free trial lesson

Why we love it: It is not your typical Pilates. They are using TRX machines, EXO chair, Bosu balls, and much more!


Rafeel by Oasis

Are you in a gym or a spa? That’s what you will be asking yourself once you step inside Rafeel. This spa-like gym has incredible facilities. Have a workout, get a massage, and soak in their baths. The ladies’ side has three baths: a jacuzzi, a carbonated bath, and an infused-bath, changing upon the season (think yuzu-infused etc). If that isn’t enough, they have a workspace to catch up on emails, and even a designated napping area. Both for males and females, but Rafeel does cater more to the women’s side, providing them with more facilities. This gym also offers Hot Yoga, something rare to find inside a gym in Tokyo.

Location: Ebisu

How to sign up: Book a tour through their webpage.

Why we love it: You can sweat and relax all in one place!


Options for Personal Gyms

Not into the whole gym scene, but you’re ready to nail down and get that dream body? Personal gyms can be a great option to get specific advice on your exact body type. Especially with COVID still affecting the way we live (this article published in July 2020), a private gym might feel like a better option since you can control your environment.


N Studio


Naoki and his team provide one-on-one personal training to assess and cater to each individual. They specialize in personal training, body conditioning, and leg and pelvic correction, all at a reasonable price.

Location: Roppongi behind Midtown

How to sign up: Book a consultation online

Why we love them: Small and personal experience, you feel attended to, and you get exclusive and specific care.


Flux Studio

Flux is your high-end gym with all the newest and latest technology in personal training. Flux has created its signature style of training called Conditionix, with its many designed levels based on your progress. They provide an incredible space for personal training, and they offer other services as well. Aqualab is one of those fantastic developments. Designed by Olympic gold medalist Kitajima, it gives you instant video feedback along with advice from trainers to help improve your swimming form and strokes. They also provide martial arts for both adults and kids, and a shiatsu spa to repair and relax those muscles.

Location: Daikanyama

How to sign up: Book a paid trial class online

Why we love them: State of the art technology and machines with a few extra programs on the side.


Public Non-Membership Gyms Available In Local Wards


photo from Minato-ku Sports Center

Japan also has a handful of public non-membership gyms that each ward provides. Some even offer classes. You do not need to sign up online. Head to the gym, tell the receptionist that it is your first time, and they will tell you how the system works.


Minato-ku Sports Center


Shibuya-ku Sports Center


Meguro-ku Sports Center


Check your ward’s homepage to see where your nearest city sports center is.

Meet-Up Fitness Groups


SOGO fitness

Suns Out Guns Out, has regular meetups such as boot camps at the park, running clubs, yoga lessons, and even summer camps. A great way to meet new people in the city and get a good workout in at the same time.



The beloved sportswear chain has shops set up all over the city. They have running groups throughout the week and even yoga events on the weekends, all for free. Lululemon is a great company, always wanting to give back and create community. So join their events, and once the lesson is over, try on some of their fantastic workout gear while you are there, you won’t be disappointed. check out their events through their instagram page.

Mommy & Me Yoga Circle Tokyo

This is a mother yoga meetup group by amazing yoga instructors, all with your small babe by your side.

Things That Are Unique To Gym-Going In Japan


Although private gyms in Tokyo will each have their own set of rules to follow, with most of the rules being similar to what you are used to back home, but some rules are pretty unique to Japan. Particularly, the public-owned gyms might hold a stricter standard of gym-going.

Indoor shoes! You cannot just run to the gym, and then jump straight onto the machines with those same shoes. Make sure to bring indoor specific shoes, or sports specific shoes.  Basically, it’s rare that one is allowed to workout with steel toed boots, for example.

No food! Typically this includes protein bars, although protein shakes inside an insulated tumbler could probably pass as ok, but please check with your gym.

Swimming Caps! Most swimming pools will require you to wear a cap and to remove all jewelry.

Tattoos!  Tattoos are typically taboo in  Japan, and people who have large tattoos are often asked to cover them up (this will depend on the gym though).


What gym above suits you?  🙂

Are you ready to get your gym life here in Tokyo started?!

We believe the gym can be an essential part of fitness life, and that is why we are here to help you find that perfect fit.  We want to make your experience here in Tokyo the best it can be!

Contact your agent, if you need any help, and take some time for yourself because you deserve it!!!


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