Room(s) with a view: Popular Luxury Apartment Towers in Tokyo

The more central part of Japan’s capital offers many options for luxury living. Not only due to the city’s size and stunning night skyline, those of us “who carry money” (the literal translation of the Japanese word for “wealthy” and “affluent”) often choose to live in luxury apartments in high-rise towers. Many local celebrities also prefer anonymous apartments in these buildings instead of living in a detached house.

Of course, luxury living in Tokyo boasts an impressive array of upscale apartments, penthouses, and residences, including private fitness centers, spa facilities, rooftop gardens, and swimming pools. In particular, contemporary high-rise condominiums with panoramic city views are in high demand. A typical sign for high-end apartments: The large kitchen appliances like stove, dishwasher, or microwave oven, are from foreign brands like Miele, and the washlet is often a high-end model of Toto, the inventor of the electric toilet.

The rule for the rent is also quite simple to comprehend: The bigger, the higher, and the more recently built, and the closer to a JR train station, the higher the rent. In this blog article, we will show you some of the famous and well-known tower landmarks of Tokyo.

You will be surprised to read that such apartments are partly less expensive than you might think. Hint: You can rent all apartments in these towers with our help. If not listed, please call or mail our brokers, and we will realize your dream of luxury living in Tokyo.


Roppongi Hills Residence (Roppongi)


One iconic luxury living location in Tokyo is Roppongi Hills Residence, nestled in the heart of the upscale Roppongi district. This exclusive complex (belonging to Mori Building) “epitomizes the epitome of refined living in Tokyo”, as the self-advertisement says.

The two high-rise towers of this complex with 47 floors each are named Tower B and C. Besides a reception service, facilities include a swimming pool, sauna, beauty salon treatment, sky lounge, medical clinic, pet animal care, dry-cleaning, and others.

Let us have a look at the rent prices (offers are from early July 2023): A studio apartment in Tower B on the 20th floor with 32 square meters will cost you about 370,000 yen per month. A 2-bedroom apartment in Tower B on floor 39 with 95 square meters cost 960,000 yen per month. An apartment with two bedrooms, 1 study, and 2.5 baths with 167 square meters on floor 34 of Tower C was listed at 2,200,000 yen per month.

Currently available Rooms in the Roppongi Hills Residence:


Park Court Akasaka The Tower (Akasaka)


The Park Court Akasaka The Tower is another popular high-standard condominium tower apartment and stands in a prime location in Akasaka. The 43-story, 150 meters ultra-high tower apartment (belonging to Mitsui Fudosan and built in 2009) stands on top of a small hill, a little away from Aoyama Dori (dori = street) and South of the Akasaka Imperial Grounds. It is only a 6-minute walk to the popular, “green” Akasaka Sacas with 4,600 trees including cherry blossom trees and zelkova trees. The garden lounge and the private garden offer a relaxing space to enjoy like being in your garden.

The Sky Lounge on the 36th & 37th floors enables you to relax while enjoying a view of skyscrapers. Furthermore, there is the Sky Deck on the rooftop where you can have the sky to yourself while feeling the ultimate openness of the sky above you.

All units have floor heating, 24h air ventilation, and motion sensor lighting. The bathroom has an automatic bath control system with a bathroom heater-dryer-ventilation machine. Each floor has a clean station where you can dispose of garbage. A 1-bedroom apartment on the 7th floor with 40 square meters was listed (in early July 2023) for a monthly rent of 240,000 yen and a 2-bedroom apartment with 76 square meters on the 28th floor for 750,000 yen.

Current vacancies in Park Court Akasaka the Tower:

Moto Azabu Forest Hills Tower (Azabu Juban)


The Moto Azabu Forest Hills Tower is another landmark due to its special building form inspired by a large tree. The “Hills” in the name hints that it belongs to Mori Building. The 29-story luxury apartment tower is already more than 20 years old but no new rival in its vicinity has come up. It is conveniently located within walking distance of Azabu-juban Station and Hiroo Station. It comes with shared services and facilities such as a 24-hour concierge desk, a sky lounge where you can enjoy the view of central Tokyo (including Tokyo Tower), a sky deck, and a spa & fitness gym, and even a “footbath for pets”.

‘Motoazabu’ is one of the high-end residential areas in Tokyo. Many Embassies and International Schools are in this area, you will feel the “international atmosphere”. Azabu-Juban shopping street is close by, very convenient for grocery shopping. 1 min. walk to Nishimachi International School, a bus stop for the American School (ASIJ) is nearby. A 2-bedroom apartment on the 15th floor with 133 square meters cost 970,000 Yen monthly rent (in early July 2023), another one with about the same size was listed for 1.2 million yen.


Park Court Shibuya The Tower (Shibuya)


This renowned 39-story apartment tower completed in August 2020 is located close to the NHK Broadcasting Center, about 600 meters north of the Shibuya Crossing, and in an area adjacent to Yoyogi Park. According to real estate brokers, it is said to be the tallest building based on floor count and with rooftop space for penthouse units to have been developed since 1995 within the Tokyo metropolitan area.

The Park Court Shibuya The Tower (belonging to Mitsui Fudosan) offers concierge service and various hotel-like shared facilities such as a fitness gym, party room, and guest room. It also features an advanced security system and equipment.

A 40 square meter large studio apartment on the 7th floor rents out for 320,000 yen. A 2-bedroom apartment with 66 square meters sets you back by 550,000 yen monthly. You want to live on the 34th floor in a 3-bedroom apartment of 110 square meters. Please play 1,300,000 yen monthly. The six penthouses (partly with swimming pools) on the top floor are supposed to be privately owned and not available for rent.

Current Vacancies in Park Court Shibuya the Tower:

The Tokyo Towers (Kachidoki)

PICTURE TOKYO TOWERS (Source: Wikipedia)

The Tokyo Towers (consisting of The Tokyo Tower Sea Tower and The Tokyo Towers Midtower) are located on the man-made island of Kachidoki in Tokyo’s bay area. When they opened in 2008, the 193-meter, 58-story towers were the tallest condominium buildings in Japan (based on the total number of floors). Richard Gere received 3 billion yen (21 million dollars) as an advertising fee when he promoted the initial sale of the apartments.

Features include concierge service, a 25-meter swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, gym, practice golf course, relaxation room, children’s room, guest suite, observation deck, and 24-hour supermarket. The rent is comparatively low considering this is supposed to be luxury living. The main reason is the inconvenient train connections to downtown Tokyo. For example, a studio apartment on the 8th floor with 48 square meters sets you back by 186,000 yen (plus 10,000 common service fees). A 2-bedroom apartment with 91 square meters on the 23rd floor was listed in early July 2023 for a monthly rent of 369,000 yen (plus 20,000 yen common service fees).

Current Vacancies in The Tokyo Towers:

Shibaura Island Bloom Tower (Shiodome)


The 48-floor Shiodome Island Bloom Tower (belonging to Mitsui Fudosan) is one of four residential towers with a total of 4,000 units on Shibaura Island along the canal in Shibaura in the Minato district very close to Tokyo Bay. (The other three high-rise buildings are the Cape, Grove, and Air Tower.)

The four skyscrapers built between 2006 and 2008 stand on reclaimed land, but the construction on the dykes around Shibaura Island is supposed to be earthquake resistant. The solid shore protection that can tolerate major earthquakes will also prevent landslides and liquefaction of the ground.

Here are some examples for monthly rents (from early July 2023): A studio apartment with 38 square meters on the fourth floor cost 180,000 yen, a 2-bedroom with 57 square meters on the eleventh floor 247,000 yen, and a 3-bedroom with 133 square meters on the 43rd floor needs a payment of 820,000 yen.

Currently available in Shibaura Tower Mansions:


In conclusion, Tokyo’s luxury high-rise apartments offer a haven for those seeking a blend of opulence and convenience in their living spaces. From the allure of anonymity to the breathtaking city views, these towers have become a preferred choice for affluent individuals, including many Japanese celebrities. With an impressive range of amenities, these residences provide a lavish lifestyle.
These renowned tower landmarks stand tall as icons of luxury and architectural marvels in this vibrant city. PS: As explained above – our brokers have access to most of these luxury apartments and can help you to quickly get a lease and fulfill your Tokyo dream.