Scope Of Services
Step 1
Getting Started
We make sure you're prepared for the rental procedure, and we provide you with the best rental solutions for your situation.
  • Finding you neighborhoods that suit your lifestyle and workplace commute
  • Setting up & purchasing a Japanese mobile phone
  • Assistance in opening a Japanese bank account
  • Registering your temporary address at the ward office
  • Purchasing & registering your personal "inkan" seal
  • Making sure you have all documents necessary to rent
Step 2
Finding Rental Housing
Let's find you a great apartment and get you in!
  • Viewing of apartments/houses that are custom searched for you
  • Filling out and submitting all rental related applications on your behalf
  • Support & negotiation with the contract
Step 3
Settling In
We ensure that your move-in is as smooth as possible. - Home sweet home, Tokyo!
  • Apartment inspection prior to moving in; taking photos of any pre-existing damage
  • Utilities setup (gas, water, and electricity)
  • Internet setup
  • Assistance with registration at city hall
  • Appliance purchase guidance
  • Furniture rental support
  • Arranging movers
  • Apartment guide English translations (appliances, rules, trash days, etc.)
  • Much more!
On-Going Service
If you ever have issues with your apartment, just contact us! Our support for any rental-related issue is available for the duration of your rental contract.
Moving-Out Process
  • Submission of lease cancellation form
  • Restoration cost review
  • Security deposit refund management
Contract Renewal Process
  • Notify property manager of your renewal
  • Review and negotiate the new contract terms
Long-Term Stay

(12 months or more)

From area consultation, all the way to support for the duration of your lease, we're there for you. The full gamut of our services is covered under our Agency Fee of 1 month's rent (+tax, 8%), which is invoiced during/after your contract stage.
Short-Term Apartments
Serviced Apartments

(less than 12 months)

If you need housing for 1 to 11 months- for business or for temporary housing before your long-term rental- we are happy to support your short-term rental.
Average timeline of Our Services and the Tokyo rental process:
Apartment Search / Viewings

(~1 to 2 weeks)

Application Screening / Negotiations

(~3 days to 2 weeks)

Contract / Move-in

(~1 week)

At, we strive for excellence.

Our client base varies- from overseas clients who've started a new job position in Tokyo, to people who've lived in Tokyo for many years.

We assist our clients with everything required for renting an apartment, as well as negotiating initial costs and serving as an in-between for clients and property managers. Can't speak Japanese? Not a problem.

We provide extensive post-move-in support, which has received high praise from our clients. Don't know how utilities work in Tokyo? Don't know where to go for what or how to handle an apartment issue? Not a problem.

If there’s any issues that arise during the application/contract/post-move-in process, we have solutions.

They helped me with so many things!
The team supports YOU

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Contact us!

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Request A Custom Search
Don't know areas too well? Can't find a suitable apartment in your favorite area?
We got you covered.
We look forward to finding and getting you into a Tokyo rental that you'll love to call your new home.
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The Team

About Us

RTek Inc is a real estate services company committed to representing the interests of our clients. Our team of professionals strictly adhere to our fiduciary duties to the customers we serve.
We strive to ensure that owners, renters, sellers, and buyers, have the right information to make the right decisions. is the real estate leasing division of RTek Inc - member of the Tokyo Real Estate Association.