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Tokyo Apartment Rental Services

We'll help you with everything required for renting an apartment, help resolve any rental-related issues you might have for the duration of your lease, and we act as a point of contact between you and property managers.

Can't speak Japanese? Not a problem.

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1. Getting Started

1 to 2 weeks

We make sure you're prepared for the rental procedure, and we provide you with the best rental solutions for your situation.

  • Preparing you for everything you need to rent, to ensure the process goes smoothly
  • Finding you neighborhoods that suit your lifestyle and workplace commute
  • Working with you to understand your needs, to prepare our rental searches that are custom for you

2. Finding Rental Housing

3 days to 2 weeks

We’ll help you find a great apartment and get you in!

  • Viewing of apartments/houses that are custom searched for you based on your needs
  • We will fill out and submit all rental-related applications on your behalf
  • We will work with property managers to try to ensure high probability of you passing screening
  • We will explain your rental contract terms to you in English and assist with rent payment setup and rental insurance setup
Find Housing
Setting In

3. Settling In

1 week

We ensure that your move-in is as smooth as possible.

  • Guidance on apartment inspection
  • Utilities setup (gas, water, and electricity) & Internet setup assistance
  • Guidance with moving procedures
  • Appliance purchase tips
  • Guidance on furniture rental/purchase and arranging movers
  • Notes on how to be a good tenant
  • Much more!

Ongoing Service and Support

We continue to support you even after you settle into your new apartment.

"The other agencies would take weeks to give me an answer and kept asking me for more documents … if an agency refuses you just because you’re a foreigner there’s nothing you can do about it."

"When I went to Apts.jp I got the apartment after about a week. Right now my advice to everyone who asks me how to find an apartment is to use Apts.jp."

Ongoing Service

If you ever have issues with your apartment, just contact us! Our support for any rental-related issue is available for the duration of your rental contract.

Contract Renewal

We can assist when it comes time to renew your contract.

Moving Out

Submission of lease cancellation form
Restoration cost review
Security deposit refund management

We can also help solve common rental difficulties

There are many issues that foreigners face when renting in Tokyo. Have issues with other agencies or renting in general? Contact us, and see what we can do for you!

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Common Problems

  • Applications get rejected
  • Complicated paperwork
  • Landlords don’t want to speak to foreigners
  • Confusing contracts and fees
  • Unable to view units

Finding a great place is hard. Let us help.

Finding an apartment in Tokyo can be overwhelming. Tell us your needs, and our team will help you find the best apartment for you.

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Apts.jp Team

We look forward to finding and getting you into a Tokyo rental that you'll love to call your new home.

About Us

About Us

Kensho Realty Corporation is a real estate services company committed to representing the interests of our clients. Our team of professionals strictly adhere to our fiduciary duties to the customers we serve. Apts.jp is the real estate leasing division of Kensho Realty Corporation - member of the Tokyo Real Estate Association.