Living in Nakameguro with a Low Budget- Can it Even Be Done??

The artsy yet luxurious little town of Nakameguro sits a few stops from hub Shibuya and right along the Meguro River. Known for its stunning cherry blossom viewing and recent cool shops, it caters to the artistic and those who desire a quieter party town; full of bars, cafes, art museums, dog shops, and top name brands. Nakameguro has a European charm to it with the shopping and canal. Yet, you are still able to enjoy all the delicious Japanese cuisine and vibrant culture.

Nakameguro is a very sought after area, making rent come at a steep cost. Many younger expats desire to live here, due to hearing recommendations from friends, but is Nakameguro all that it’s cut out to be? Are the chic cafés and night bar life worth the wallet sucking rent costs? Here are a few things to consider when looking into Nakameguro.

Cafe & Bar Hopping, but Bad Town Planning

Nakameguro is a quaint and luxurious metropolis without a broad span of living space. When looking at the city planning, the river (more like a canal) lined with cherry blossom trees and fancy designer shops, takes up most of the town’s layout. Right alongside it is Yamate street, an extensive and busy commuter road, and then the large train tracks over the top, making the area feel tight with little space to grow.

If you are looking for parks or places to gather with friends over a game of soccer or Frisbee, you won’t find that here. The poor city design and high living demand make the rental cost overly priced when comparing it to other areas.

Nakameguro rent prices are quite inflated for what the area is!
. . .

High-Cost, Little Living Space

Budget rentals don’t exist in Nakameguro.


Budget rentals don’t exist in Nakameguro. Why would “one of the most desired areas” be cheap?!

Just as you wouldn’t go search for a cheap luxury in Beverly Hills, you won’t be able to cheap luxury in Nakameguro. This is a designer town, expect designer price tags. If you don’t mind a studio, old and not modernized, you might be able to find something around 120,000 for a ~25m² place. -Although these don’t come by very often. As for a 2LDK, expect a very high price tag. It all will lie on whether space or style has more value to you.

Some realistic Nakameguro prices, whiiich can be quite expensive:


Significant Alternative Areas to Consider!!

Nakameguro doesn’t fit into everyone’s budget- seriously- so here are a few towns that have a similar great vibe and are totally worth checking out!


Sangenjaya (nickname: Sancha)

Denentoshi line.

Although Sangenjaya does not have the famous canal running through it like Nakameguro, it has some very similar points to make it a desirable town. A quieter yet still buzzing nightlife, hip bars, and a burger alley for those meat lovers! Setagaya Park is nearby and a perfect way to escape the city jungle and breathe in some fresh air. In some areas, it is only a 20-minute walk to Nakameguro. You could still meet up with friends or enjoy the unique cafes and art shops in Nakameguro and not worry about catching your last train home. All of this at a much lower rent cost!

Sangenjaya apartments:

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GakugeiDaigaku (nickname: Gakugei)

Toyoko line.

Even though it is located on the same train line as Nakameguro and before Jiyugaoka, sadly GakugeiDaigaku, gets overlooked. Yet it’s a beautiful town with many hidden cafes and bars that once off the beaten path, you will find so much to explore. A local favorite is the Transparente bakery, a great selection of delicious bread and small meals. GakugeiDaigaku is a perfect combination of city life mixed with local culture.

The Express train stops here on the Toyoko line, making it only one stop away from Nakameguro and easy to connect in Shibuya. You can also explore the opposite way to Yokohama and grab yourself a beer during one of the best Oktoberfests in Japan! Places are much more affordable here, and you will be able to find a larger space without skimping on Tokyo life. Next door, Yutenji, is also a great area if you see apartments there that you like.

GakugeiDaigaku apartments:

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The above areas are booming and growing. Oh, there are sooo many good areas, that are not Nakameguro!!! Just contact us and ask!


We understand why Nakameguro is a very sought out area to live in, and IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT, you should live there if you like it! Otherwise, please be realistic. Again- if you like Nakameguro due to the high-end nature, that EXACT reason, is why you’re not going to be able to find anything cheap there.

We feel that there are many other enjoyable areas with excellent vibes and culture that you can experience. Let us help you find a great place! Wouldn’t you like to enjoy the new city you are living in, instead of trying to live in Nakameguro, despite not knowing much about it OR Tokyo? Let us help. We are very knowledgeable in Tokyo locations, and we’ll find you a place to call home. -That’s actually in your budget. 🙂 (p.s. If you have a super high budget and want to live in Nakameguro, also contact us!)

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BONUS!!! Here’s a straight-talk, kinda rough video (haha) of agents Sho and Jason discussing the Nakameguro situation! (Pardon the flicker- this video might be better to just listen to, instead of watched~~~ 🙂 )