Omotesando Avenue

Omotesando – Where luxury meets hipster. Here are a few of our favorite spots!

A few steps away from Harajuku, a stroll away from bustling Shibuya and around the corner from Yoyogi Park, is glitzy, artsy Omotesando. Some may even call it the Champs Élysées of Japan. While Ginza is the shopping capital, Omotesando falls right behind it and arguably the best overall area in Tokyo.
(Omotesando/Harajuku header image by Mattia Panciroli)


Harajuku Cat Street

Harajuku Cat Street (photo by Dick Thomas Johnson)

From Harajuku crossing to the top of Omotesando Hills, is an avenue of designer brand shopping paradise. While one could easily spend the whole day wandering the shopping strip, that’s not all Omotesando has to offer. Head towards `Cat Street`, a trendy area connecting Harajuku to Shibuya, there you will find the birthplace of Tokyo’s latest crazes. Get lost exploring all the artisan coffee shops, Tokyo limited pop-up stores, modern architecture, yoga studios, snow, surf & skate shops, and art galleries. If you live around here, you will be the first to experience Tokyo’s newest trends and fashion.


Although it is hard to narrow it down to just a few, here are 3 of our favorite spots in Omotesando!


Commune 2nd at night

Omotesando / Commune 2nd at night

1. Commune 2nd

Vegan to German, Ribbon fries to Craft beers, Commune 2nd (formerly known as Commune 246) is a food truck lovers haven with options for everyone. Located at the top of Omotesando street, this restaurant boasts open-air seating, hearty food, and lively energy. The atmosphere offers a great place to grab a drink with friends. Get yourself some Brooklyn Ribbon Fries; these thinly sliced divine `ribbon` potatoes come in many flavors, but an absolute must is the Onion Gratin Soup (a flavor, not an actual cup of soup). They are so good you might need to get a second order.



Omotesando Good Town Doughnuts

Omotesando / Good Town Doughnuts

2. Good Town Doughnuts

One of the best donut shops in the city. Located right next to its sister company, The Great Burger, which yup you guessed it, serves juicy burgers & fries, deserving of its own blog post. Good Town Doughnuts impress us with fluffy glazed mouth-watering flavors ranging from Nutella, Mango smiley faces, Salted Caramel, and an all-time favorite the Maple and Bacon. When you miss a taste of home here won’t disappoint. Make sure you head in early, though, as favorite flavors sell out fast.



Omotesando Smokehouse

Omotesando / Smokehouse

3. Smokehouse

Located on Cat Street after you pass the Oakley shop heading towards Shibuya, Smokehouse dishes out finger-licking good Barbecue. A great American eatery that excels in the craft of slow cooking juicy tender meats. The first floor has its own coffee roastery and the BEST Cronuts in town. Any coffee connoisseur would approve of its Lattes. Head upstairs for a full meal of fall-off-the-bone ribs, Mac n Cheese, Cornbread, and all the fixings. Oh, and choose from American regional flavored Barbeque sauces such as sweet & smoky, spicy, and also tangy.

Although during the day Omotesando is packed with people, surprisingly at night, the city empties, leaving a subtle calmness. Since its not the `raging night party` scene, it makes it perfectly ideal for residency.

Near Commune 2nd, you will find a small newly renovated Sento with a laundromat on the first floor (which is a lifesaver during the rainy season). Have a chat with the reasonably priced family-owned vegetable stand on Cats Street. If that’s not enough, on weekends, buy locally sourced and grown jams, oils, produce, and more at the Farmers Market located at the United Nations University.



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