Tokyo Apartment Hunting With KemushiChan

Awhile back, we had the pleasure of apartment hunting with our friend and well-known Tokyo-based YouTuber, KemushiChan ロレッタ (Loretta).

We had a great time assisting with her apartment hunt, which she documented on her channel.

Here we will take a look at some of the stuff that she found exciting, with extra notes from the team.

We showed her three different apartments; all of them were 1LDK (1 bedroom with a separate living-dining room).

Jason with, looking very prepared as usual.


Apartment #1


The first apartment we got to show her was a model room. A model room is when the property management company sets up an apartment with furnishings/appliances, so `you can imagine` what the place would look like if you were to live in it.


“Oh- tell me it comes with this washer (washing machine)” -KemushiChan



Ahaha…- we wish the apartment came with the washing machine, too!

Furnished apartments can be quite rare in Tokyo, with most apartments just having air conditioner. In some cases, you even need to install air conditioning units or your own gas stove.


A sweet point about this apartment was that there was an ample amount of storage: potential spice racks, bookcases, generous shoe storage.


`Over here is a Japanese feature that is quite handy …it’s a special type of dryer…just for the shower` -Jason from


Shower dryers are a unique feature that most modern shower rooms will have in Japan. Especially since Japan has a long rainy season and unpredictable weather at times, this function keeps humidity down in your shower room, lowering chances of mold.  The dryer functions also allow one to turn the shower room into a clothes drying room.  Bathrooms with such dryers, even come with places to hang poles for clothes drying. There is also often a heater function, so you can get the shower nice and warm on a cold winter day before jumping in.


Next, we moved into the living room. KemushiChan noticed the balcony, and we discussed “Minami muki”, meaning “South-Facing” (with regards to the living room, or main windows, or balcony).


`Why would you want a `Minami muki` (south-facing) apartment? Why is it so valued?` -KemushiChan


Jason with, pretending his hand is sunlight.


South-facing windows generally catch sunlight throughout the entire day, which is something that is very valued here in Japan; for those who love sunlight, anyway! (Yes- we do have some clients who like apartments very dark, so not everyone is into sunshine, apparently.)

South-facing windows/balconies have brightness and keeps one’s spirits up, but they’re also desirable for hanging laundry and helping clothes dry quicker. Also, “nan-tou muki”- Southeast-facing- can also be sought-after since the mornings are still very bright.


Apartment #1 was 40.26 sqm, 8 min walk from Asakusa station at ¥164,000

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Apartment #2


On to the second apartment!

`This is a 50 Amp breaker.`


Apartments in Tokyo tend to have power capacity between 20A~50A. Something to consider, although not typically a deal-breaker. If you like to cook, have your oven and electric kettle on, with hairdryer and tv all going on at the same time, a lower amperage breaker may not be able to handle it all.

If you have ridiculous power requirements- due to mining cryptocurrency 24/7 or whatever- please let us know before we start your apartment search, so we can find you an apartment with the proper power requirements.


Next, we moved into the living room, and KemushiChan was very impressed. This apartment had a great layout and a vast amount of space. It was very bright because it is a Corner Apartment.



Corner Apartments are very sought after because you often get windows on two walls, instead of only coming from your balcony. It can make the space feel more open and bright. `Look at all these windows`- KemushiChan

We love windows, too!  🙂

Corner apartments are also sought after, because there is 1 less wall to be shared with a neighboring unit.  So corner rooms can be especially good for 2 things:  sunlight, and less noise.



`Also look at this kitchen.`

It’s an island kitchen, which is great for entertaining. This kitchen came with a sink cover to give you more counter space when food prepping.

BTW, want to know more about what kitchen types are available in Japan? We’ve got a blog article on that- CLICK HERE!


In the video, you might have noticed the words “Pet Friendly” come up a few times. Not every apartment in Tokyo will allow pets.  In fact, the majority don’t, and which pets they do allow for is very strict. So if you own a pet, this is something to let us know about when we start apartment hunting for you.

Read more about the realities of living with a pet in Tokyo here


Apartment #2 was 42.14sqm, a 5 min walk from Inaricho station at ¥194,000

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Apartment # 3


The final apartment showing for the day…


The second and third apartments are very similar in layout designs. Both are corner apartments and feature the counter kitchen. In this third apartment, we had all the lights on, but it felt very dark (although it was the end of the day and the sun had started to go down).


This apartment does not come with any light fixtures, which is something not too uncommon.  You would need to buy and provide your lighting. They are very common to find, at any electronics store. Let your design styles go to work and put some touches on your new place with fun light fixtures!


`Sometimes apartments can feel like cookie cutters or sterile… but this one has a nice homey feel` -KemushiChan


This apartment is a bit older than the other two, but it gave a more home-type feel, by using wood accents, door trims, and textiles in the kitchen– oh, and even a PINK shower room! It is high value, but choosing this apartment would come down to a preference on taste and if your aim is for a homey feel or more modern.


Apartment # 3 was 45.6sqm, a 6 min walk from Kanda station at ¥175,000

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So What Are We Looking At In Terms of Timeline?


  • The moment you decide which apartment you want, we start moving and get your application in ASAP. (we often apply on the spot in the car and submit applications at a convenience store, or we have someone back at the office to apply)
  • We pre-screen all our clients before we show apartments, so that there is a high chance that they will pass screening. We don’t waste any time once you decide on the one you want. We need to move fast- this is Tokyo, after all!
`What is the biggest hiccup? The one thing most people forget to prepare?` -KemushiChan

JAPANESE EMERGENCY CONTACT is usually the most difficult things for expats to get when coming over.  Usually one’s co-worker, friend, or employer (HR) can assist with this. There is no liability for being an emergency contact (unlike being a personal guarantor, which is a co-signer on an apartment).


`From the moment I email you until move-in day, what is the total timeline?`- KemushiChan


Typically it would take 4-6 weeks– This includes consultation, but from viewing to move-in, the process is usually 3~4 weeks. The fastest hypothetically possible- viewing to move-in- is about 10 days, but that’s quire rare.

These three apartments had impressed KemushiChan and gave her a good idea of what she can find and for what prices. KemushiChan and Jason then went on to look at some more apartments, which you can find in her next video.

We hope KemushiChan’s videos help give you an idea of what a typical Tokyo apartment may be like and get you ready to start your own `Apa Hun` (Apartment Hunting!  🙂 ).


Thank you so much again for having us be a part of your apartment hunt, KemushiChan!!!  It was a blast.  You’re the best!  🙂



From location/apartment consultation, all the way to move-in– we got you covered at!  Our support is lease length, so we’ll be there for your move-out, as well.

Contact us!  We at look forward to supporting your move.  🙂



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