7 Great-Value, Lesser-Known Tokyo Neighborhoods

Tokyo is not the easiest place to live on a budget, but there are plenty of ways to make your yen last a bit longer. One of the easiest is by finding a relatively affordable apartment in one of the lesser-known neighborhoods in Tokyo.

Don’t worry, affordable does not mean inconvenient. If you know where to look, you can find hidden gems: spacious apartments within walking distance of a train line, with great lighting, thick walls, updated appliances, and a lower price tag than you would find in some of the more well-known neighborhoods such as Roppongi or Yotsuya.

Our seven recommendations are all neighborhoods that sit along two convenient yet underrated train lines: Tōkyū Den-en-toshi and Keio Inokashira.

Tōkyū Den-en-toshi Line

The Denentoshi Line runs from Shibuya station to Chūō-Rinkan Station.

1. Komazawa (駒澤)

Komazawa is in a convenient, central location in Setagaya-ku (view properties) and it’s local station, Komazawa Daigakumae, is a short 7-minute ride from Shibuya station on the Den-en-toshi line. This area is the home of Komazawa University and, as a result, is full of ramen restaurants, shopping, entertainment, and housing that caters to the young adult’s budget. It’s also home to Komazawa Olympic Park, the site of the 1964 Olympics and still a popular facility, not only for sports but festivals such as the Tokyo Ramen Show. Komazawa is one of the best, off-the-beaten-track areas in Tokyo to live as a single person.

2. Sakura Shinmachi (桜新町)

Sakura Shinmachi is another convenient location in Setagaya-ku (view properties) with a pleasant 1950s vibe, solid infrastructure, and excellent shopping. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, this is a nice place to live. The Sakura Shinmachi station is an easy 10 minutes from Shibuya station on the Den-en-toshi line.

3. Miyamaedaira (宮前平)

Despite the fact this suburb is actually located in Kanagawa prefecture (just next to Tokyo prefecture), Miyamaedaira offers great value as it’s still an easy commuting distance from Tokyo, with Miyamaedaira station just 23 minutes on the Den-en-toshi line to Shibuya station. This area is great for those who work in Tokyo but don’t necessarily want to live in the city and would prefer an area free from the signature crowds, prices, and noise. Miyamaedaira also sits right off a main highway and gives you plenty of options if you possess, or regularly rent a car.

Keio Inokashira Line

The Keio Inokashira Line runs from Shibuya station to Kichijoji station.

4. Shimokitazawa (下北沢)

Shimokitazawa, also known as Shimokita, is a fun place to live, end of story. It is located in Setagaya-ku (view properties) and is full of unique second-hand clothing stores, coffee shops, small stores selling crafty knickknacks and, despite its wonderful atmosphere, surprisingly affordable apartments. Shimokitazawa station is a quick 3-minute train ride from Shibuya station on the Keio Inokashira line and 7 minutes from Shinjuku station on the Odakyu line.

5. Takaido (高井戸)

Takaido is a relaxed, easy-to-live-in neighborhood in Suginami-ku with plenty of local supermarkets and a famous sentō (public bathhouse). The area is filled with parks of all shapes and sizes, making it ideal for those who need some green in their daily life. Takaido station is only accessible by local trains on the Keio Inokashira line and it takes 22 minutes to get to Shibuya via local train or 15 minutes if you transfer to a rapid train at Eifukucho station.

6. Eifukucho (永福町)

Eifukuchois another great option in Suginami-ku. It is a quiet, residential area with an excellent assortment of restaurants and small cafes, and is an all-around convenient place to live. The eco-friendly Eifukucho station is only 9 minutes away from Shibuya on the Keio Inokashira line.

7. Kichijoji (吉祥寺)

Kichijoji, located in Musashino City in greater Tokyo, is the final stop on the Keio Inokashira Line. With its low-budget yet chicly-designed apartments, easy access to central Tokyo, a huge range of restaurants and bars, and the stunning natural surroundings of Inokashira Park, Kichijoji is consistently rated as the most sought-out location for young people in Tokyo.

Tokyo is a massive city, and it’s easy to stick to familiar place names when searching for a new apartment. However, just because you haven’t heard of an area, doesn’t mean it’s not a wonderful place to live, so why not try searching off the beaten path? You can click here to read more articles about the different areas in Tokyo, or, if you’re ready to start looking, contact us with your criteria and we’ll send you some properties that suit your lifestyle.