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Known as the center of Tokyo, the Chuo ward includes Ginza, known for high-end shopping and entertainment, and the old-established commercial district of Nihombashi. Part of the ward is on the waterfront. Residents there can enjoy amazing views of the Tokyo bay area.

  • • Vibrant and full of the best brand-name shopping and entertainment in Tokyo.
  • • Many luxury housing options. Some with incredible waterfront views.
  • • A large variety of dining options. From Michelin star restaurants to affordable chains.
  • • Convenient transportation hubs nearby to take you anywhere you need to go.
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Chuo ward, as its name indicates - ‘’Central ward’’ in English – is located just west of Tokyo station, and forms the north part of the Tokyo bay. Housing somewhere around 140,000 people, it can be divided into three main districts, each one having its own atmosphere and purpose.

The north part of Chuo, with its main district being Nihombashi is mainly a business district made of long streets and office buildings.

The center part, home to the world famous Ginza district, is very popular for its shopping and fine dining. It also houses the Kabukiza theater, the old Tsukiji fish market and the Hamarikyu Japanese gardens. Ginza is one of the most expensive areas there is in Tokyo.

In the south of Chuo ward, on the other side of the Sumida river are the more residential Kachidoki and Tsukishima areas. Principally made of high-rise high end mansions, the whole area is surrounded by water and offers beautiful city skyline views, open space and green parks.

Chuo at a Glance

Average Rent

per square meter
Chuo - 4496 yen per square meter


Minato - 5217 yen per square meter


Chiyoda - 4914 yen per square meter


Shinagawa - 3637 yen per square meter


Koto - 3435 yen per square meter


Sumida - 3471 yen per square meter


Rental prices in Chuo

The price of an apartment will vary depending on its features, the age of the building, and distance from the train station. Keeping this in mind, the average rent for an apartment in Chuo is approximately ¥4,496 per square meter (¥418/ft²).

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Couple 1 Bedroom Apartment prices in Chuo, Tokyo

1 bedroom

Family 2 Bedroom Apartment prices in Chuo, Tokyo

2 bedroom



Local Amenities

Cafes & Dining

Cafes & Dining in Chuo, Tokyo
Cafes & Dining


Gyms in Chuo, Tokyo


Parks in Chuo, Tokyo

International Supermarkets

International Supermarkets in Chuo, Tokyo
International Supermarkets

English-Speaking Medical Services

English-Speaking Medical Services in Chuo, Tokyo
English-Speaking Medical Services

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Life in Chuo

Harumi dori - Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo
Lots of high end shopping
Mitsukoshi department store - Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo
Mitsukoshi department store
Kabukiza- Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo

Shopping and Entertainment

In terms of shopping, Ginza is the go to district within Chuo ward. Primarily known for its luxury stores, with among others the famous Mitsukoshi department store, there is only very little you won’t find there as far as brand names go. This said, Ginza also offers more affordable shopping options such as Uniqlo or Zara, and even has its own Don Quijote.

Ginza is not only about shopping. Hundreds of restaurants, coffee shops, bars and clubs can be found there. Going from very luxurious gourmet fine dining, to more affordable typical shops, famous sushi and tempura, eating your way through Ginza is certainly one way to enjoy and stay entertained in Chuo ward.

You will also be able to enjoy a movie at the theater, or a Japanese play at the Kabukiza. If you like long walks or jogging, the Imperial Palace and its garden -very popular area among joggers- is found right on the other side of Tokyo station.

Gyms and Parks

If you are a gym goer, the Kachidoki/Tsukishima area offers respectively two NAS sports centers, with a pool and fitness area. In and around Ginza are numerous gym options. Gold's Gym, Anytime Fitness to name a few, and numerous personal training gyms are available.

Although small parks are found across Chuo ward -especially in the Kachidoki/Tsukishima area- the main park of the area is Hamarikyu gardens. Surrounded by seawater, the park features a pond, a tea house, and Japanese bridges. Away from the bustling city right next door, it makes for a perfect relaxing escape. Boat cruises also depart/arrive from/to Hamarikyu gardens, in the direction of both Asakusa and Odaiba.

Hamarikyu Park - Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo
Hamarikyu Park

English Speaking Services

The St Luke’s International Hospital, the American clinic and the English speaking dentist Ryo dental clinic are all within around 10 minutes of Ginza by train or taxi.

International Schools

Chuo ward has quite a few options for international schooling. Going from international preschools such as Learning tree, UI international preschool, and Sunshine kids academy. To the St Luke’s international university.

International Supermarkets

Enough international supermarkets can be found in Chuo ward, principally around Ginza. Among them is MEIJI-YA STORE, Hanamasa no niku, and Seijo-ishi to name a few.

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