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Korico - Ebisu


Korico’s fusion of Korean and Mexican cuisine gives their guests a one of a kind dining experience.

Their unique menu gives you the best of both worlds and will keep you wanting to try more.

Chinkashisai - Akasaka


Enjoy authentic Sichuan in the heart of the city without breaking the bank. This place is truly delicious but be warned, the spicy levels are not to be underestimated. And the portions may cause an impending food coma.

The chef prepares their signature, chewy noodles fresh to order, flashing his knife and quickly shaving them off the dough block. We highly recommend the no-soup dandan doodles, as well as the spicy pepper chicken and mapo tofu.

XPS Tokyo -

XPS Tokyo

Mike and his team have been focusing on the expat community in Japan for years and aim to make your life in Tokyo as easy as possible.

They offer English, French, and Japanese language support. They also help with importing/custom clearance, vehicle purchases, and are office relocating experts.

Whenever you move, don’t forget to take advantage of their helpful and extensive moving tips page. Just tell Mike that Apts.jp sent you!

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Akihabara & Chiyoda Ward


Tokyo’s hub for electronics district and the ground zero for the pop culture such as anime, manga, and games.

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Setagaya, Tokyo


With its family-friendly neighborhoods and affordable living, Setagaya is one of Tokyo’s most popular residential areas. Secluded from the hustle and bustle, you might forget you’re in Japan’s largest city!

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Meguro, Tokyo


With its central location, stylish shopping streets, and picturesque gardens and parks, it’s no surprise Meguro is touted as one of the most livable areas of Tokyo.

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