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Legends - Roppongi


At this open sports bar, you can always catch something interesting on display - from replays of the English football league to high-speed Formula One races.

They offer beer, wine, and cocktails, as well as a range of burgers to enjoy while watching your favorite sports.

The Pizza Tokyo - Hiroo - Hiroo

The Pizza Tokyo - Hiroo

This New York style pizza parlor offers a superb selection of all kinds of pizza.

Whether you want a quick slice or a whole pie, The Pizza Tokyo has what you need.

Chinkashisai - Akasaka


Enjoy authentic Sichuan in the heart of the city without breaking the bank. This place is truly delicious but be warned, the spicy levels are not to be underestimated. And the portions may cause an impending food coma.

The chef prepares their signature, chewy noodles fresh to order, flashing his knife and quickly shaving them off the dough block. We highly recommend the no-soup dandan doodles, as well as the spicy pepper chicken and mapo tofu.

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Ikebukuro & Toshima, Tokyo Apartment Rentals and Area Guides

Ikebukuro & Toshima Ward


Located north of Shinjuku, Toshima is a primarily residential ward with many laid-back neighborhoods and affordable housing. It is one of the most international wards in Tokyo.

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Meguro, Tokyo Apartment Rentals and Area Guides

Meguro, Tokyo


With its central location, stylish shopping streets, and picturesque gardens and parks, it’s no surprise Meguro is touted as one of the most livable areas of Tokyo.

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Minato Ward, Tokyo Apartment Rentals and Area Guides

Minato, Tokyo


Famed as Tokyo’s most international area, Minato is beloved by both local and foreign residents. Home to countless eateries and sights, it perfectly caters to the tastes of Tokyo’s most demanding denizens.

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