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Sony Bank -

Sony Bank

Sony Bank is currently has the easiest setup for any bank in Japan. Easy process, and many nice features, such as multiple currency accounts! Check out their page to learn more. Highly recommended.

Les Grands Arbres - Minamiazabu

Les Grands Arbres

This unique treehouse restaurant in the center of the busiest city gives you a chance to relax and take in its simplistic beauty.

With a variety of meals available, you are guaranteed to find something to love.

Tokyo Move -

Tokyo Move

Tokyo Move is a small, Tokyo-based company located in Naka-Kasai with full English and Japanese support.

They offer various levels of services depending on your needs, ranging from those on a tight budget, to all-encompassing VIP packages.

One great advantage of using Tokyo Move is that they offer temporary storage space to customers who need a place to store their belongings while relocating. Tell them Apts.jp sent you, and you’ll get top-notch treatment!

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Setagaya Ward, Tokyo Apartment Rentals and Area Guides

Setagaya, Tokyo


With its family-friendly neighborhoods and affordable living, Setagaya is one of Tokyo’s most popular residential areas. Secluded from the hustle and bustle, you might forget you’re in Japan’s largest city!

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Ginza, Tokyo Apartment Rentals and Area Guides

Ginza & Chuo Ward


Vibrant and full of the best brand-name shopping and entertainment in Tokyo as well as a large variety of dining options. From Michelin star restaurants to affordable chains.

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Shinjuku, Tokyo Apartment Rentals and Area Guides

Shinjuku, Tokyo


Home to every corner of life Tokyo has to offer, you’ll always find something new and unique in Shinjuku. It also features the famous Shinjuku station, Tokyo’s busiest transport hub.

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