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Questions on moving to Japan and finding the right apartment?
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What do the Japanese apartment floor plan/layout terms mean?


Some of our listed apartment floor plans show area size in "J" (Jo or 帖). 1J is approx. 1.653 square meters (17.79 sq. ft.).

(Tokyo's Real Estate Association regulates 1J to be no less than 1.62 sq. meters.)


Layout Terms

ワンルーム (one room) is a studio apartment where the kitchen and bedroom are not separated.

K = Kitchen

S = Service/Study room is relatively smaller than the bedroom, but can comfortably accommodate a desk and bookshelf to be used as a study room, or a single bed (depending on the size of the room) for guests staying overnight.

DK = Dining room + Kitchen

LDK = Living room + Dining room + Kitchen

The number before a combination of the above letters refers to the number of bedrooms in the apartment. For example, 2DK is a 2 bedroom apartment with a dining area and kitchen; 1SLDK is a 1 bedroom apartment with a service room, living room, dining room, and kitchen.

Please note that most "LDK" apartments below 70 square meters (approx. 753 sq. ft.) will combine the living room, dining room, and kitchen into one area. For this reason, at, we do not use this system because some "LDK" apartments mislead clients regarding the size of the living and dining rooms.

Another item to note is the bathroom. Please make sure that you are comfortable with the layout when you visit the apartment. Some apartments that separate the bathroom and toilet. There are cases where the toilet room will not have a conventional sink for washing hands (some Japanese toilets have a faucet above the toilet tank for that purpose, which may be discomforting to some people).


Does service areas not shown on the website?

We primarily service within the central Tokyo wards. Let us know where you would like to relocate to, and we'll send you a list of apartments that suits your lifestyle.


Central Tokyo Wards:

  • Chiyoda-ku
  • Chuo-ku
  • Setagaya-ku
  • Shibuya-ku
  • Shinjuku-ku
  • Shinagawa-ku
  • Toshima-ku

Can I reschedule or cancel my apartment viewing?

Yes. It is easy to change or cancel a scheduled tour. Just contact us.

Are the apartments shown on the website the only ones available?

No. Some landlords or property managers prohibit their properties from being listed online. Although we cannot post these properties on our site, we can give you information about them. Please contact us with your specific apartment requirements, and we can search through the non-listed properties for you.

More questions?

More questions?

Finding an apartment in Japan can be overwhelming. Tell us your needs, and our team will help you find the best apartment for you.

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