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Above are photos from a unit in Pias Futakotamagawa


Now- more than ever- is a great time to move to open spaces.  Jobs requesting remote work and the uncertainty of schools reopening has maybe left you and your family in a smaller city apartment, feeling a bit cramped and overwhelmed.

Living in a suburban city, such as one on the Denentoshi line, can give you much more bang for your buck, especially when it comes to space.


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What are some benefits of living in a suburban city along the Denentoshi line?


1) Easy and quick access to the city.

The Denentoshi line (Tokyu Den-en-toshi line / 田園都市線)- from Futako-Tamagawa to Azamino- can still get you to Shibuya station in under 30 minutes. Denentoshi line is a very convenient and attractive southern Shibuya suburb train line. Since many large offices are in Shibuya, such as Google, being close enough- but not entirely in the heart of downtown- is very appealing.

Denentoshi line also turns into the Hanzomon line at Shibuya, so from any Denentoshi stop, you can go straight to stops like Omotesando or Oshiage (SKYTREE).


2) A more spacious apartment.

At the moment (August 2020), apartments and houses are at their lowest prices that they’ve been in years. Combined with location– A 2~3 Bedroom, 45~60 sqm place is anywhere from ¥130,000 to ¥200,000 in suburbs of Denentoshi line. Imagine one of those spare rooms becoming your home office. Remote work can become manageable!!! We have heard of clients using their cars or toilets as video meeting rooms since their city apartment was too cramped with everyone inside. There will be no need to do that when you can have your own office.



3) Nature- something tough to find in the city!

Gorgeous large parks, and the Tama River, where you can spend the day picnicking and BBQing. More outdoor recreation for both your hobbies and for your family.

4) Broader streets, with more open spaces.

No need to worry about bumping into the thousands of people crossing the streets (especially those looking at their phones while walking), when you live in a suburban city. Bring on the personal space!


5) Larger family-friendly shopping malls and more expansive supermarkets.

Still allowing the shopaholic in you to thrive!


6) Great local and even chain restaurants.

Remember- we are still in or very close to Tokyo, so cuisine is still a top priority!


7) Smell the roses, hear the birds chirping, and enjoy quieter nights.


All of this under 30 minutes from Shibuya! Is this a dream or what?!?!

It might seem unreal, but let’s look into some stops along the Denentoshi line that are very much noteworthy and attractive living towns.


Great Places Along The Denentoshi Line


First up is the most popular and sought after station:



Futako-Tamagawa is the upscale, luxurious suburb town that is only a short 12-minute train ride to Shibuya station. High-end department stores line the streets, but also the local shotengai shines a spot on its own. Rakuten has put its mark on the area more recently by moving its headquarters here. Tell your local Japanese friends that you live in Futako-Tamagawa, and you will hear the “ooohs and aaahs” for this envy-worthy lively neighborhood.

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Rise Shopping Center

As soon as you exit Futako-Tamagawa station, you will find Rise, a large department store with brand name shops, restaurants, a cinema, as well as the famous Tsutaya Electrics (with its only location in Japan found here).


Tama River

Known for its yearly fireworks show, drawing in crowds from all over the city, Tama River is also a great place to take strolls and enjoy the outdoors. Especially excellent if you are a pet owner or are considering one.

Can you picture yourself doing morning yoga along the riverside or trying out SUP (stand-up-paddle board)? It is a perfect place to practice old hobbies and pick up some new ones!


Futako-Tamagawa Park

There are many great parks for small kids and families, but the Futako-Tamagawa Park is one that can be enjoyed by all ages. It boasts a serene Japanese garden, jogging and bike paths, a Starbucks coffee shop, and even lookout spots of Mt. Fuji on a clear day.


International Schools

St. Mary’s International School is only a 10-minute walk from Futako-Tamagawa station. Seisen International School is also a short walk from Yoga station, which is 1 stop away from Futako-Tamagawa on the Denentoshi line.  If you are looking for an excellent international school for your kids, we highly recommend checking out our article Top 10 Tokyo International Schools Recommended by Expats.



The Australian restaurant Bills, known for its fluffy eggs and pancakes, has a gorgeous rooftop courtyard at this location. Pasteleria Mallorca makes traditional Spanish pastries and sweets with a wide variety of tapas and main meals in the afternoon. Originally from Madrid, Spain, but has its only Japan branch in Futako-Tamagawa. Treat yourself to fine dining at Daikanyama ASO Celeste on the 11th floor of Takashimaya building, serving exquisite Italian fare with a view.

The list of restaurants and cafes in Futako-Tamagawa is long, and it’s a perfect town to hit the streets and explore all that they have. Going into the city as often as you thought you would, might not happen with so much to see and do here!

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Another suburb town to look into-



Tama Plaza is one stop from Azamino station on the Denentoshi line, with only a 25-minute ride into Shibuya. This is an excellent place for families or singles who want to come home to a quieter, less hectic living space, yet close enough to the city for work or a fun night out.


Tama Plaza Terrace

The shopping center based around the station has everything you need. Shopping, boutiques, restaurants, cafes, doctors’ offices, and more. When you are too tired to cook, easily pick up dinner a few steps away from the train station ticket gates. It is a one stop shop at this American sized shopping mall.


Utsukushigaoka Park

Beautiful park with Cherry blossoms and many playground stuffs for kids. A popular place on the weekends, as they hold monthly events.



Troubadour has excellent reviews and a great following for some down to earth American cuisine. Don’t forget the dessert menu with classics like Key Lime Pies and Chocolate Cakes.

Monsoon Café is another fun restaurant with a great atmosphere and dishing up some delicious Asian flare cuisine.

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Head over to Azamino station, next to Tama Plaza, for some fine dining. Azamino Ukai-Tei has a gorgeous garden dining experience. Every detail goes into this restaurant, from ambiance to the food presented on your plate.


Gonpachi the famous Roppongi restaurant, aka “The Kill Bill Restaurant”- has a branch in Azamino. You can get delicious yakitori and soba without having to travel into the city.


Azamino station is another desirable living destination with great high-end restaurants and shopping all available at your fingertips.

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You might be surprised by how quickly you will find yourself enjoying the suburban life, if you’re more used to “city living”.

Between Futako-Tamagawa to Azamino, you will discover unique charm at each one of the stations. With companies currently requesting remote work, this could be the new future for Japan (it’s about time).

Whether you need to go into the city daily or occasionally, you will find the commute is worth every second when you come home to a spacious place you love.

Contact us today and we’ll find you a nice Denentoshi line suburb rental! ★

You will be amazed by what you can get for the same price as your downtown apartment, all without skimping on that Tokyo lifestyle!


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