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Foreigner-Friendly Rental Listings in Meguro Ward, Tokyo, Japan

With its central location, stylish shopping streets, and picturesque gardens and parks, it’s no surprise Meguro is touted as one of the most livable areas of Tokyo.

  • Calm residential area
  • • Stylish shopping streets and trendy cafes
  • • Convenience of city living
  • • One of the most famous cherry blossom viewing spots in Tokyo
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Meguro is residential ward located in the south-west of Tokyo. Well-known for its upper-class residential areas, Meguro has a good mix of greenery and convenience, with supermarkets and trendy dining concentrated around station fronts.

The north-eastern districts of Meguro, such as Meguro, Nakameguro, and Komaba, allow immediate access to Shibuya station, one of Tokyo’s largest transport hubs.

Just a few minutes away toward the center of Meguro you will find Yutenji and Gagukeidaigaku, which are popular for their relaxed atmosphere. Toward the south-west of the ward and just 13 minutes from Shibuya lies Jiyugaoka – a trendy neighborhood filled with stylish cafes and designer boutiques.

Although commonly thought to be part of Meguro Ward, Meguro train station is technically located in Shinagawa Ward. Recent redevelopments of this area have not only focused on bringing back nature, but also attracting more businesses such as Amazon Japan.

Meguro at a Glance

Average Rent

per square meter
Meguro - 4242 yen per square meter


Shinjuku - 4591 yen per square meter


Shibuya - 4976 yen per square meter


Minato - 5285 yen per square meter


Setagaya - 3564 yen per square meter


Shinagawa - 4190 yen per square meter


Rental prices in Meguro

The price of an apartment will vary depending on its features, the age of the building, and distance from the train station. Keeping this in mind, the average rent for an apartment in Meguro is approximately ¥4,242 per square meter (¥394/ft²).

Single Studio Apartment prices in Meguro, Tokyo


Couple 1 Bedroom Apartment prices in Meguro, Tokyo

1 bedroom

Family 2 Bedroom Apartment prices in Meguro, Tokyo

2 bedroom



Local Amenities

Cafes & Dining

Cafes & Dining in Meguro, Tokyo
Cafes & Dining


Gyms in Meguro, Tokyo


Parks in Meguro, Tokyo

International Supermarkets

International Supermarkets in Meguro, Tokyo
International Supermarkets

English-Speaking Medical Services

English-Speaking Medical Services in Meguro, Tokyo
English-Speaking Medical Services

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Life in Meguro

European-inspired Jiyugaoka in Meguro, Tokyo
European-inspired Jiyugaoka
Gakugeidaigaku in Meguro, Tokyo
Onibus Coffee Shop Nakameguro, Meguro, Tokyo
Onibus Coffee Shop Nakameguro

Shopping and Entertainment

If your idea of a relaxing weekend is browsing trendy boutiques and sipping artisan coffees, then you will love Nakameguro. Known for it’s fine-dining, it’s also a great place for a relaxed evening drink.

At the south-west of Meguro ward lies Jiyugaoka, another popular shopping area with European-inspired streets and a variety of independently owned stores.

By far the most popular thing to do in Meguro is cherry blossom viewing in the springtime. Each year, thousands of people gather to view the blossoming trees that decorate the riverside. They are especially beautiful when illuminated in the evening.

There is a small cinema near Meguro station with a cozy theatre room fashioned in retro style. However, their schedule is limited by only having one screen so movie buffs may be better visiting the larger cinemas in Shinjuku and Shibuya for the newest releases.

Gyms and Parks

There are a variety of gyms within Meguro, with the majority belonging to Anytime Fitness or Konami Sports Club. The public Meguro Citizens Center Gym offers great value-for-money and boasts both an indoor and outdoor pool. For those of you who prefer to work-out in the fresh air, there are plenty of parks dotted throughout the district. Two of the most popular jogging routes are around Rinshi No Mori Park and along the Meguro River.

A hidden gem of Meguro is the Meguro Sky Garden, a 400 meter-long garden and park situated atop a highway. This green oasis floats above the sprawling city and makes for the perfect picnic spot – you can even see Mt Fuji on a clear day.

Meguro River during sakura season festivities, Meguro, Tokyo
Meguro River during sakura season festivities

International Schools

Gregg International School and Tokyo International Progressive School (previously International Secondary School) are the main private international schools situated within Meguro itself, however, many other international schools can be accessed via train and bus.

Meguro ward’s public Higashine Elementary School in south-west Meguro offers supplementary Japanese classes to children from international backgrounds.

International Supermarkets

There are a number of Seijoishi (成城石井) and Kaldi Coffee Farm stores located across Meguro which sell a variety of imported goods.

English Speaking Services

Although some doctors in Meguro may be able to speak a limited amount of English, Meguro does not have any major English speaking hospitals or clinics for foreign residents. If you decide to live in Meguro and do not speak any Japanese, you will find yourself needing to visit other areas of Tokyo to access English speaking health services and beauty salons.

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