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Internet & Portable Wi-Fi

Internet Service Providers

Assist Solutions - Higashiazabu

Assist Solutions

Assist Solutions combines NTT’s fiber optic network with their SonixNET ISP to deliver one of the most reliable internet connections in Tokyo.

Plans are affordable and price changes based on your type of residence. In addition, if you are tired of your favorite programming being blocked abroad, check out their VPN rental router service.

GTN - Okubo


With affordable plans, reliable speeds, and multi-language support, GTN Mobile’s Home Internet is our top pick for internet service provider in Tokyo.

They offer unlimited data, and maximum download speeds of up to 1 Gbps. And if you sign up for GTN Mobile, you are eligible for 5,000 yen cash back!

Asahi NET - Ginza

Asahi NET

Low monthly rates and frequent promotional discounts make Asahi NET a great option to check out.

Their partnership with NTT Flet’s is reliable and they are famous for their quality customer service.

Portable Wi-Fi

Ninja Wifi -

Ninja Wifi

For short trips to Japan, we recommend using Ninja Wifi.

They offer various daily rates depending on your budget. Just pick it up at the airport and drop it off whenever you leave.

Also check out their translation devices if you need help getting around the city!

Wi-Fi Rental.com -

Wi-Fi Rental.com

For long-term visitors to Japan, consider ditching service providers which often require two-year contracts in favor of pocket WiFi provided by Wi-Fi Rental.com.

Their monthly rates are affordable and they offer minimum hassle with device pick-up/drop-off at multiple airports around Japan. Japan still has poor free Wi-Fi availability, so it is well worth considering their service.

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