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Deciding where to live in Tokyo is essential to finding the right apartment for you. Browse our area guides to learn more about each area.

Shibuya, Tokyo Apartment Rentals and Area Guides

Shibuya, Tokyo


Perhaps no place says ‘Welcome to Tokyo’ quite like Shibuya with its world-famous crossing, countless restaurants, shops for every conceivable desire, and an unrivaled night scene.

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Shinjuku, Tokyo Apartment Rentals and Area Guides

Shinjuku, Tokyo


Home to every corner of life Tokyo has to offer, you’ll always find something new and unique in Shinjuku. It also features the famous Shinjuku station, Tokyo’s busiest transport hub.

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View Shinjuku Area Guide
Minato Ward, Tokyo Apartment Rentals and Area Guides

Minato, Tokyo


Famed as Tokyo’s most international area, Minato is beloved by both local and foreign residents. Home to countless eateries and sights, it perfectly caters to the tastes of Tokyo’s most demanding denizens.

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View Minato Area Guide
Setagaya Ward, Tokyo Apartment Rentals and Area Guides

Setagaya, Tokyo


With its family-friendly neighborhoods and affordable living, Setagaya is one of Tokyo’s most popular residential areas. Secluded from the hustle and bustle, you might forget you’re in Japan’s largest city!

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Meguro, Tokyo Apartment Rentals and Area Guides

Meguro, Tokyo


With its central location, stylish shopping streets, and picturesque gardens and parks, it’s no surprise Meguro is touted as one of the most livable areas of Tokyo.

Browse Meguro Apartments
View Meguro Area Guide
Ikebukuro & Toshima, Tokyo Apartment Rentals and Area Guides

Ikebukuro & Toshima Ward


Located north of Shinjuku, Toshima is a primarily residential ward with many laid-back neighborhoods and affordable housing. It is one of the most international wards in Tokyo.

Browse Ikebukuro Apartments
View Ikebukuro Area Guide
Ginza, Tokyo Apartment Rentals and Area Guides

Ginza & Chuo Ward


Vibrant and full of the best brand-name shopping and entertainment in Tokyo as well as a large variety of dining options. From Michelin star restaurants to affordable chains.

Browse Ginza Apartments
View Ginza Area Guide
Asakusa and Ueno, Tokyo Apartment Rentals and Area Guides

Asakusa & Taito Ward


The smallest of all 23 wards in Tokyo, Taito offers a balance of popular tourist destinations, “shitamachi” or downtown vibes, and quiet residential neighborhoods.

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View Taito Area Guide
Akihabara and Chiyoda, Tokyo Apartment Rentals and Area Guides

Akihabara & Chiyoda Ward


Tokyo’s hub for electronics district and the ground zero for the pop culture such as anime, manga, and games.

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View Chiyoda Area Guide
Nakano, Tokyo Apartment Rentals and Area Guides

Nakano Ward


Best known for a local old-fashioned mall, Nakano Broadway. as a residential town, the town is densely populated. Despite the town being in the central of Tokyo, Nakano gives a down-to-earth feeling.

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View Nakano Area Guide

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Legends - Roppongi


At this open sports bar, you can always catch something interesting on display - from replays of the English football league to high-speed Formula One races.

They offer beer, wine, and cocktails, as well as a range of burgers to enjoy while watching your favorite sports.

Soul Food House - Azabujuban

Soul Food House

Soul Food House is a family-owned restaurant specializing in authentic, homemade American Southern and Cajun food.

Located in the heart of Tokyo it is a great spot to get your soul food fix.

La Jolla - Hiroo

La Jolla

This authentic Mexican restaurant near Hiroo crossing offers one of the best Mexican experiences in Tokyo.

If you want mouth-watering quesadillas or nachos, then look no further than La Jolla.

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